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Sponsors: American Express and Holland America Line

2003 Incentive Finalists
Courtesy "Winners"

Front Row: Cheryl Lombardo, BCAD; Lucie Morowitz, BCAD Volunteer; David Peskin, TSA; Marva Smith, Southwest Airlines; Pierre Charles Andre, Shuttleport; Bonita McClam, USA Parking. Back Row: Julie Mederick, JetBlue; Sam Swain, Shuttleport; William Wolfe, BCAD; Shelly Satlin, BCAD Volunteer; Linda Mack, USA Parking; Tom Nazarro, BCAD; Jim Scalzo, Continental Airlines. (Not Pictured) Sandi Abbas, Northwest Airlines; Cesar Ayllon, BCAD; Humberto Colon, BCAD; Esayas Sebhatu, USA Parking

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