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Beginning in 1985, the Service Institute used customer service training to raise service standards and increase service skills for tourism workers in Miami. That program, called “Miami Nice,” earned national recognition for Miami, and the Service institute followed with a program called “Airport Ambassador” to do the same thing for airports.

Airports participating in “Airport Ambassador,” beginning in 1990, have included the Port Authority of NY/NJ airports (JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty,) Boston’s Logan International, Los Angeles International, Oakland International, Seattle-Tacoma International, Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International and others.

In addition, the Service Institute has offered “Ambassador” training to airports throughout the Caribbean as part of American Express’ Official Card Program.

Following 9/11, the Service Institute adapted its customer service model to help airlines and airports utilize customer service to promote greater security awareness. That program, called “We Get You There,” won a national award in 2004 from NACo, the National Association of County Governments.

The Service Institute offers Incentive Programs to boost employee pride and morale and increase the effectiveness of its training.

Airports are “communities,” and therefore they work best when all of the community’s “partners,” including the airport authority, airlines, concessions, TSA and other government agencies all work together for a “shared purpose.”

The Service Institute designs programs, and leads management and supervisor workshops to enhance airport partnerships.

Read about a successful “Partnership Program” from Airport Magazine. The program was conducted in 2003 for William Sherry when he was the General Manager of Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International.

Tom Murphy offers Customer Service training to a group of Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) employees.
Tom Murphy offers Customer Service training to a group of
Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) employees.

For more information call the Service Institute at 360.738.3190. Or go here to email.

View an outline of the TRAINING AND INCENTIVE MODEL.

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